Need help setting up your virtual drive?

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About Virtual Drives

What is a virtual drive?

As part of DKMS-BMST's mission to help patients, virtual donor registration drives help us reach potential donors online, accross India. Here, you can start a virtual drive for a Patient, Company, University and Associations and Volunteer organizations.

I am already registered. Can I still support a drive?

Yes, you can! If you would like to help us reach more Indians to motivate them to register as potential donors, you can submit request to start a virtual drive.

Where can I find material to share about DKMS-BMST's mission?

Visit the Resource Library inside the virtual drives tab to find images and videos to help make your drive engaging. You can also find resource material you can download and utilize for your virtual drive.

Create a Virtual Drive

Who can create a virtual drive?

If you are motivated and want to join DKMS-BMST in the fight against Blood Cancer and Blood Disorders in India, you can start your own virtual drive with us!

You can initiate a virtual drive to support a patient in need, or for your Company, University, Volunteer organizations or any Association that you are a part of.

I am an employee and want to set up a drive for my company. Where should I start?

Click on the "Get Started" button and fill the required information. You can start your own virtual drive for your company!

I do not have images or videos. Can I still start a virtual drive?

Visual aids always help engage more people for virtual drives. If you do not have any images or videos of your own, please visit our Resource Library and select relevant materials from our collection.

Can I set a registration goal for my drive?

Goals always help motivate people, but we leave this choice to you. The progress of your drive will motivate more potential donors to join you in the list of lifesavers. You can always choose to set a goal for your virtual drive.

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