Your donation saves lives

Donate money to DKMS-BMST
Your contribution will help us save many patients lives.

Why does DKMS-BMST ask for funds?

Your donation saves lives
As an international organization fighting against blood cancer, our mission is to give as many patients as possible a second chance at life. To do that, we need to raise funds – especially because it costs us to register every new donor.
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A global team providing hope, information and treatment
Recruitment of informed volunteers who are prepared to donate blood stem cells for the purpose of transplants.
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Constant optimization and research in our genotyping laboratory
Development and maintenance of systems to simplify and accelerate the search for donors among this group of volunteers and in international donor groups, with the aim of finding compatible donors for blood stem cell transplants;
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How do we spend funds?

Registration and PBSC Related Costs

Registration and PBSC Related Costs (48%)

Every registered donor gets listed in the worldwide registry with his HLA tissue type, which gets extracted in our laboratory of the swab kit they provide. The patient has also had their HLA tissue type analyzed and listed in the database, making it possible to find potential matching donors.

Education and Awareness Campaign (33%)

The money is mainly used to fund the registration of new donors, but we also use it to educate, create awareness about the cause, and keep addresses and contact details of existing donors up to date so we can be sure to reach them if we need to. Because every day counts for Blood Cancer patients!

Others (19%)

In addition, we support blood cancer research and work continuously to improve the typing quality of our registered donors so patients will have a better chance of finding a match.

Your donation gives hope (Impact of your gift)

Your contribution will help us give hope to patients who are battling blood cancer and blood-related disorders.
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Nazneen Yasmin
Fundraising Department
Help us to register even more lifesavers
We’d love it if you could help us to get more people on the registry and thus give new hope for life to many blood cancer patients.