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Your contact to the patient - we accompany you

You have probably experienced an intensive time around your stem cell donation. Even after the donation, new questions keep coming up - most of them revolve around the recipient of the stem cells. How is he or she doing? Is it possible to get in touch or even get to know each other personally?

The period around your stem cell donation was likely a very stressful time. Even after the donation, you’ll probably find new questions popping up that you hadn’t thought of before. For many donors, the main concern post-donation is for the recipient of their stem cells: How are they doing? Can they be contacted? Would it be possible to meet them?

Whether or not a donor and patient can contact each other directly depends on the law in the countries they live in. However, all countries specify a minimum period of anonymity for at least 2 years. In many places, donors and patients are allowed anonymous contact via mail or email during this two-year period. In some countries donors and recipients can meet in person after the anonymous waiting period is over, provided both sides agree. Unfortunately, certain countries do not allow contact of any kind following the donation.

The decision to contact ‘your’ patient or not is entirely up to you and there’s no right answer. It is completely yours choice whether you would like to.

As you make this personal decision, we will be happy to help you by giving you all the information you need. If you have any questions – no matter what they might be – please contact us at any time. Additionally, if you’re experiencing any doubts or worries, or hear unfortunate news about your recipient, we’d especially like to offer our support.

If you and your “genetic twin” do decide to meet, we would be happy to help make it happen and look forward to you getting together!

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