There are many ways for Universities/Colleges to get involved

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Universities / Colleges can save lives

Chance to do something amazing during your academics that you can cherish forever. Earn an opportunity to get engaged with an international non-profit organization also helps to build your portfolio.

Why support the cause?

  • Register donors who may become life-saving matches
  • Learn how to win support for organizing events for a prominent social cause
  • Gain work experience and reference
  • Learn to plan projects and activities
  • Take the lead in creating a volunteer group that focuses on awareness, fundraising and registering new donors.
  • Networking with fellow inspired young students

Sariya Ali from Azim Premji University

Sariya Ali - testimonial pic

"Stem cell donation is a scope which I came to know of through the awareness drive of DKMS BMST Foundation India. The cause seemed not just interesting but also meaningful for the fact how life-changing can the usage of a single donation be. It felt to be a great experience registering myself for the donation, with the knowledge that my stem cells can be used in saving someone’s life. It is important, however, for the donor to have detailed prior knowledge of how the registration and the donation works. Also, it must be known in depth how the recipient of the cell would benefit from the same. Regardless of these things, it is important to be aware of all the aspects, and obviously one’s own health!"

Jasara P, Government Medical College, Kozhikode

Jasara - testimonial pic

"I am indeed proud and happy to be one among the 600 stem cell donor registrations in the stem cell registration drive organized by DKMS-BMST in my college back in 2019. This registration drive instilled upon us a great sense of awareness on how this small act of kindness can cause a great impact on the life of both the donor and the one in need. The 2019 drive was the first-ever exposure I got towards blood stem cell donation. Waiting for more such useful initiatives from DKMS-BMST."

Dr. Ganesh Prasad, Dean, from New Horizon College of Engineering

New Horizon dean

“We at New Horizon College of Engineering (NHCE) strongly believe that the youth are the next generation changemakers. Our collaboration with DKMS BMST Foundation India has helped to instill essential values in them, so that they may effectively contribute to society. Since 2018, DKMS-BMST and NHCE through donor registration drives and the Student Ambassador Program have been able to impart values of empathy, service, accountability, volunteer spirit, and skills such as event organization and volunteer mobilization. We look forward to supporting future collaborations with DKMS-BMST in their fight against blood cancer in India.”

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