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A parent’s perspective on blood stem cell donation

Without parents’ support, most children either cannot or will not donate. Hence, it is integral that parents always feel that their children are secure so that they can support them through their donation journey.

As a parent, your child’s health and safety are always going to be of top priority. Naturally, when you hear that your child is donating their blood stem cells and has to seemingly undergo a medical procedure for the same - you are going to be on guard. It is only when you learn a little more about the procedure that the importance of donating and how safe it is becomes clear.

A story that inspires us and, we believe, will inspire you as well, is that of Prapul and his mother, Jayashree. About a year and a half ago, Prapul registered to be a potential blood stem cell donor with DKMS-BMST. At the time, he had mentioned this to his mother in passing. Recently, when Prapul was identified as a match, he knew addressing it with his parents would be different. Much to his surprise, his parents were completely understanding and supportive.

His mother’s questions about the procedure, possible side-effects and how the donation generally works, was answered by Prapul and the DKMS-BMST team in detail. Ever since she has been a guide to Prapul in his donation journey. Even when her friends and family had questions about the procedure on account of misconceptions that surround donation, his mother quelled all their doubts.

Due to COVID-19, Prapul was required to be isolated for a certain period of time. Jayashree was completely hands-on for the entire process, from ensuring his physical and medical health was taken care of during the isolation period to providing a proper diet for him.

With the support of his family being so strong, the entire experience was made far easier for Prapul. While Prapul credits his mother for all the strength he needed to donate, his mother says,

“I am so proud that my son is someone’s chance at a brighter future. I am diabetic so I cannot donate, but everyone who can, must register and give hope to patients in need.”
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