Patient & Donor Meeting

Do Patients and Donors Ever Meet?

Finding out if you’re a stem cell match with someone is a rare feat. In some cases, it has taken barely weeks for a patient to find their lifesaving match — in some cases, years.


However, when you do end up being a match and taking the step to donate your stem cells, there’s a chance that you’re just in time for the patient to see the possibility of a healthier future.

Here’s an interesting question though — does this “one in a million” match ever get the chance to meet? To answer this, we need to take a few steps back and address certain things.

Before every donation is made, the donor has a choice to either stay anonymous or eventually have their identity revealed to the patient and their family. A two year period of anonymity post-donation is necessary to ensure the patient’s health, but if donors opt to meet their stem cell match, a meeting can be arranged between the two.

This also depends on the country of donation and of the patient’s — some countries prohibit contact altogether, while others allow anonymous exchange of emails and letters. Personally, DKMS-BMST allows contact only after two years.

Again, whether a donor decides to reveal their identity or not is completely up to them. We provide everyone involved in this process all the freedom to stay fully or partially anonymous based on their comfort level. Additionally, mutual consent is also necessary for both parties to eventually meet!

If you’re reading this and you have gotten the news that you are a potential lifesaver — congrats! We truly hope you take the steps necessary to donate your stem cells, there’s no one else in the world who can do the same!

If you’re confused about whether or not you want to stay anonymous, don’t fret. You can contact us anytime and ask us all the questions you have regarding meeting your genetic twin. We are only here to support you with any decision you make!

For more information on registering with us to be a potential lifesaver, check our “FAQ” section on our website that talks all about blood stem cell donation and how you can help delete blood cancer in India.

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