Donor Story

“I knew that this small act would have a monumental impact on someone's life.”

Dheeraj’s story is a story of hope, community, and the power of giving back. Today, he shares his journey of becoming a lifesaver:


“I was born in a picturesque town of Himachal Pradesh; I'm 38 years old, married, and work in the sales of analytical instruments within the biotechnology field. When I'm not busy with work, you'll often find me lost in the pages of a book or trekking through nature's wonders.

It all started one day when I stumbled upon a video by Abhi and Niyu on YouTube. They were discussing the importance of becoming a potential blood stem cell donor. As someone deeply rooted in the biotech industry, I was shocked to learn about the low number of donors in the HLA typing database. That's when I knew I had to step up and do my part to increase those numbers.

I registered as a potential donor after that informative video. There wasn't a specific patient case in my environment or family that motivated me, but rather a sense of responsibility to contribute to the greater good. And so, without hesitation, I signed up, eager to make a difference.

Before the donation

As the process unfolded, I didn't feel anxious or concerned. Instead, I felt a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to potentially help someone in need. My family and friends were incredibly supportive, standing by me every step of the way.

Preparing for the donation was relatively straightforward. I arranged for time off from work, communicated with my family about the process, and prayed for a successful outcome.

The day of the collection arrived, and although I felt a bit nervous, I was also filled with a profound sense of purpose. I knew that this small act would have a monumental impact on someone's life.

After the donation

I felt humbled and grateful to have been part of such a meaningful endeavor. I never thought I could contribute to someone’s life the way I have today. If I could say anything to the recipient of my donation, it would be this: "Hi, I have prayed for your timely recovery, and I truly believe that you will get well soon."

Message for all

To everyone reading this, I want to emphasize the importance of coming together as a global community. We may be caught up in our own battles, but let's not forget that we are all part of one big family. Let's unite and contribute whatever we can to make this world a better place for everyone. Together, we can spread hope and make a difference in the lives of others.”

How you can help

Just like Dheeraj, you, too, can register as a potential stem cell donor and help save a life!

Check your eligibility and sign up today at

Anyone aged between 18-55 years and in general good health can register as a potential lifesaver. If you're not eligible or you're already registered, check out some of the other ways to get involved in the fight against blood cancer. Together, we can make a difference!

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