Donor Story

“This is an opportunity where you can genuinely make a difference.”

Asmita registered as a potential blood stem cell donor when she came across a campaign on Instagram that piqued her interest. Little did she know that a simple registration could give her a chance to give someone a second chance at life!


She shares her story of saving a life -

“When I was informed that I had the opportunity to make a life-saving donation, a surge of emotions flooded my mind. I understood that finding a match for the patient was incredibly rare, and the weight of the situation weighed heavily on me. There was no doubt in my mind—I had to go through with it. Finding another match for the patient would have been nearly impossible if not for me. Knowing it was a make-or-break chance for that person, I was determined to help.

Although I had concerns and felt a bit anxious, particularly because I was anemic, the DKMS team addressed all my worries. They conducted various tests to ensure my suitability for donation, keeping me informed at every step and explaining the process thoroughly. My mother was initially skeptical since the procedure was unfamiliar, but after watching videos and understanding the medical guidance involved, I was able to alleviate her concerns. However, she insisted that my brother accompany me so that the donation would be safe.

Donation Process

Preparing for the donation didn't require anything out of the ordinary. I talked with the doctor, who provided instructions and advised me to maintain a good diet. During the period of GCSF administration, I was asked to limit my intake of outside food. The only significant change was the growth serum injections administered four days before the donation. I was told not to lift heavy weights during that period and I diligently followed the instructions.

The day of the collection arrived, and despite catching a cold a few days earlier and dealing with my menstrual cycle, the DKMS-BMST team ensured my comfort throughout the process. So many caring people were in the room, ensuring I experienced no pain and, most importantly, didn't get bored. I felt a profound sense of happiness that I was able to do something so impactful for another person. I really hoped that everything would go well for the recipient.

After the donation

After the donation, I experienced immense satisfaction, albeit with some weaknesses. However, the joy in my heart overshadowed any physical discomfort. I followed the post-donation instructions diligently—resting, consuming plenty of fluids, and refraining from heavy lifting or strenuous activities.

To my recipient, I want to convey my heartfelt wishes. I hope you are doing well and that this treatment brings you to the best possible state of health, allowing you to follow your dreams. One day, I hope we can meet, and I can give you a pat on the back for your courageous fight. Know that you have my love and support, and I wish you endless happiness and strength.

Message for all

To everyone reading my story, I have a simple message: Never underestimate the power of your efforts and time in bringing about significant changes in someone else's life. It's easy to lament the loss of humanity and the lack of care for others, but it's crucial to act. This is an opportunity where you can genuinely make a difference. Don't let it pass you by.

How you can help

If you’d like to register as a potential blood stem cell donor, you can check your eligibility and sign up today at

Anyone aged between 18-50 years and generally in good health can go on standby as a potential lifesaver. If you're not eligible or already registered, check out some other ways to get involved in the fight against blood cancer.

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