Students Vs Blood Cancer

Group with donor card - under25

Support our fight against Blood Cancer

In our battle against Blood Cancer, we at DKMS-BMST believe that the only way to move forward as an organization and in accomplishing this mission of deleting blood cancer is if our league consists of an all-powerful legion of young minds. As we join forces, we will march with high hopes in our hearts, to save the patients who are in dire need of our support.

Step forward and become a lifesaver with DKMS-BMST!

What you can do

  • Organize stem cell donor registration event at your campus
  • Lead a team of volunteers to organize events at your campus
  • Be the single point of contact between DKMS-BMST and your college
  • Become a Student Ambassador
  • Publicize donor drive across the campus

What we can do

  • Training on how to organize a stem cell donor registration event
  • Volunteer training sessions
  • Provide a certificate as a recognition of your engagement for a social cause

What you gain

  • Opportunity to work with an international non-profit organization
  • Understand social values and responsibility in a humanitarian society
  • Supporting a cause to make difference in a blood cancer patient's life
  • Gain experience in event planning and project management
  • Improve your skills in public speaking

Want to organize a drive? Contact us to know more!

For more information
Nandhini Sarkar
Donor Recruitment