Blood Cancer

How to conduct a swab test?

Thank you so much for registering with DKMS-BMST. We sent you a swab pack in the post for you to complete your registration. Once we receive your swabs, we will analyze your tissue type and add your details to our database in an anonymized form.

Last updated: 24/02/2021

When you join our registry you are on standby to be matched and potentially save the life of anyone with a blood cancer or blood disorder who needs a blood stem cell donation. Your details will then be part of blood stem cell donor searches for people all over the world who need a perfect match to get a second chance at life.

Just watch the video and follow the steps to complete the procedure.



• Your swab kit contains 3 sterilized swab sticks with a bud end and a stick end.
• Carefully open the swab packet ONLY from the stick end and make sure the bud-end of the swab does not touch anything.

Peel here - Swab packet


Remove one of the buccal swabs from the package. Do not touch the swab head with your fingers or anything else.

Please use all three buccal swabs.

  • First swab: Rub the buccal swab in a circular motion across the inside of one cheek for 1 minute.
  • Second swab: Repeat it with the second buccal swab across the inside of the other cheek for 1 minute.
  • Third swab: Repeat it with the third buccal swab across the inside of your upper and lower lips. In addition, use the left and right cheek again for 1 minute.
Open the swab packet


• Swab with comfortable pressure in a circular motion, rotating the stick from time to time.
• This process collects tissue cells from your mouth, which are used for your HLA typing

Aditi swabbing


Air dry your swabs for two minutes, by gently waving them in the air, ensuring that the bud ends do not touch any surfaces, and then place them securely into the bottom of this envelope, releasing the sticky tab to close it.

Looking forward to receiving your swabs soon!