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Avantor: Setting Science in Motion to Create a Better World

At Avantor we work hard every day to further scientific research to help others better their lives. This translates beyond the customers we serve, including our own employee community. After experiencing a need for bone marrow donation within our own Avantor family, the PRIDE Network Associate Centric Team (Avantor’s LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group) stepped into action to sponsor bone marrow drives across many global locations. With this drive, Avantor associates have the opportunity to actively participate and give directly, including in person and virtual options.

We have organized a global virtual drive to support not only the Americas but Europe and India as well.

Together we work to better the world. With this drive, sponsored by the PRIDE Network ACT, we can better each other and our communities. One bone marrow transfer at a time.

Learn more about Avantor’s DE&I efforts and how you can engage further here

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