World Blood Cancer Day 2021....Wrapped!

Every year on the 28th of May, DKMS-BMST celebrates World Blood Cancer Day as an ode to the day we were founded and as a day to raise awareness on issue of blood cancer.


Since the dawn of the pandemic, we have had to be creative in our ways to spread awareness about blood cancer and what people can do to help these patients. So, we took to the internet. This is how we made WBCD 2021 one of our biggest campaigns yet!

This year, we took a different approach to our campaign. We titled it #WeAreAllWeNeed, because the cure to blood cancer lies within each of us and is in our blood itself. The hashtag also connotes standing in solidarity with those individuals battling the disease and we have the power to transform their lives.

Amidst India’s second COVID-19 wave, the online community came together in solidarity to stand up for the cause and do their bit. The ampersand is symbolic of World Blood Cancer Day. Followers, influencers and users all around the social media sphere posted pictures with the ampersand symbol.

The week leading to May 28, we had a host of celebrities, musicians and influencers post a special message about the importance of World Blood Cancer Day and why everyone needs to register with DKMS-BMST.

Harsha Bhogle - WBCD 2021
Janaki Om Prakash - WBCD 2021
Raghu Dixit - WBCD 2021
Asees Kaur - WBCD 2021
Midhun Manuel
Shonali Bose - WBCD 2021

Along with these huge influencers, we saw a burst of user-generated content under the #WBCD hashtag with more than 180 social media influencers, followers and users posting a picture, posing with the ampersand symbol.

WBCD 2021
WBCD 2021
WBCD 2021
WBCD 2021

This symbol is a sign of hope and standing in solidarity with people who live with blood cancer every single day. The WBCD 2021 campaign took over the social media sphere which created a ripple effect on everyone’s feed where they saw nothing but people talking about world blood cancer day and the importance of becoming a stem cell donor with DKMS-BMST.

While our main motive was to raise awareness we never realized the cause can bring about such a spark in the online community. The amount of creativity and genuine intent behind every single post was heartwarming, and we cannot thank everyone enough for taking the time out to talk about something so important.

Along with this influx of posts, we released a super special playlist on Spotify called “The Lifesaver’s Anthem”. We asked our followers on social media to tell us what song made them feel the most empowered. We then added all those great suggestions to our playlist on Spotify celebrating the people who have registered with us and even donated their stem cells to save a life. You can check the playlist here.

And for the cherry on top, DKMS celebrated their 30th anniversary that made us the world’s largest stem cell registry. Along with an international birthday bash, we celebrated 2 amazing years of DKMS-BMST India.

The day was filled with smiles and a sense of accomplishment. We are proud of doing what we do!

So far this year has been momentous in our international lifesaving community despite having to live under Covid-19 restrictions which have been challenging enough for the kind of work we do. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us and helped us achieve our vision of deleting blood cancer.

Truly #WeAreAllWeNeed to save lives.

Help us to register even more lifesavers
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