World Blood Cancer Day – Supporting patients around the world!

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28th May is observed to be World Blood Cancer Day. A day to acknowledge and stand with blood cancer patients.

In our lives, we seek purpose and look for ways to make a meaningful difference in the world. Most often, it takes a group of people to make that difference. But here, every single person counts. It takes one person to start a movement. One person to leave a mark, that can inspire many others. That person could be YOU!

How can you help? Get involved!

Join us in showing your support to all blood cancer patients around the world. On this day, we hope to raise awareness about blood cancer and blood stem cell donation, so more patients can have second chances at life. We believe that everyone is special and we all have it in us to make a mark in the world.

Embark on a journey that helps you find your purpose while, also making a difference to someone’s life. A stem cell donation is one of the easiest ways you can help someone suffering from blood cancer. Registering as a potential lifesaver gives you an opportunity to leave your unique mark on a person, on a community, on the world.

Through this campaign, we hope to encourage the youth of our generation to come together and be a part of something much larger than ourselves. Each individual has the power to help save lives and by means of this campaign, we hope to spread as much awareness about blood cancer in India as we possibly can.

Every year, over 1 lakh people are diagnosed with blood cancer in India. India ranks third highest in reported cases of blood cancer, after the US and China with about 1.5 million cases every year.

Every five minutes, someone in India is diagnosed with blood cancer.

Register with us to become one step closer to being a potential lifesaver! Click below to order your DIY swab kit at home.

Ready to become a potential lifesaver?

If you aren’t ready to register as a potential donor just yet, you can still help us by sharing our message on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, or WhatsApp – tell the world you’re on standby to save a life. Be as creative as you like and use the ‘&’ symbol or your registration kit!

Don’t forget to share your photos with us, using the hashtags #MakeYourMark and tag @dkms_bmst_in or make a reel with our Make Your Mark filter

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We provide blood cancer patients with a second chance at life.
The vision of DKMS-BMST is to fight blood cancer and blood disorders. Therefore, we are constantly working towards registering potential blood stem cell donors.
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We’d love it if you could help us to get more people on the registry and thus give new hope for life to many blood cancer patients.