Eligibility & Registration Dialogue

How to take a cheek swab?

The swab kit contains three swabs, open the package carefully to remove one swab at a time without touching the head of the swab.

Please use all three buccal swabs.

  • First swab: Rub the buccal swab in a circular motion across the inside of one cheek for 1 minute.
  • Second swab: Repeat it with the second buccal swab across the inside of the other cheek for 1 minute.
  • Third swab: Repeat it with the third buccal swab across the inside of your upper and lower lips. In addition, use the left and right cheek again for 1 minute.

Swab with comfortable pressure in a circular motion, rotating the stick from time to time. Dry the swab for three minutes before putting them back in the swab envelope. Release the sticky tab to close it securely and post it back to us along with the consent form.

Please see our explanatory video here.

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