How is my patient? Can I meet them?

The patient’s condition:

If the patient’s country allows it, we can request an update on their state of health at least three months after the transplant was carried out. In our experience, there is no way of knowing how long it will take for a reply to reach us. If you want to hear about your patient, you will normally be contacted by DKMS-BMST.

Meeting the patient:

International guidelines stipulate that donors and patients may only meet each other in person two years after the donation, which is additionally dependent on the regulations in the patient’s country of residence. Some countries do not allow any contact. In the meantime, if allowed by the regulations in the patient’s country; donors can contact patients anonymously, sending letters or gifts via DKMS-BMST. Due to privacy reasons, DKMS-BMST has no direct contact with patients and often has only a minimal influence on the forwarding of mail to patients. Here, we depend on the support of the hospital treating the patient. Since patients often receive further treatment from another clinic or hospital after the transplantation, delays may occur. After the end of the two-year period, donors and patients may write to each other directly or meet each other in person – again mediated by DKMS-BMST provided both parties agree. Experience over the years has shown that many donors and patients want to get to know each other. Time and time again, meetings between donors and patients are very moving moments. It is not uncommon for lasting friendships to develop.

If you have any other questions, our Donor-Patient Contact department will be happy to help:

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