Stem cell donation

Transportation of stem cells

Once the donation procedure is complete, speed is of the essence, and the stem cells must reach the patient within 72 hours. The stem cells are delivered in person by a courier – a highly important and responsible task.

Thanks to thousands of supporters around the world, cross-border stem cell donations are also possible. Their efforts have enabled us to provide patients across the globe with the life-saving stem cells they so urgently need.
One such courier is Mathew. Here he reports on his experiences as a stem cell courier and the special challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mathew, volunteer stem cell courier:
“After many hours on trains, at airports, and in the air, the moment when I can finally hand the stem cell donation over at the recipient’s hospital is particularly special. I can feel tremendous pressure just fall away because at that moment I’m no longer responsible for two lives, I’m just responsible for my own life again. But there’s also a feeling of elation and tremendous satisfaction.”

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