Prepare to donate

We cover your costs as a blood stem cell donor

DKMS-BMST will cover any costs incurred in connection with your stem cell donation or preliminary health check, within defined limits.

We also cover your travel and accommodation costs. Normally, donors travel by public transport, if available, but given the current coronavirus pandemic, we will discuss the safest option with you beforehand. We will also take care of travel and accommodation for someone to accompany you as you make your stem cell donation.

In addition, we will reimburse you for any extra childcare you may need, including family members who give up a day of work to take care of your children.

Certificate for your employer

Your employer may offer you paid leave of absence from your duties so you can go for your preliminary health check and make your stem cell donation. If desired, we will reimburse your employer for the cost. We will also issue you with a note of exemption to present to them.

In addition, we reimburse freelancers and issue exemption certificates for donors to present at school, university or their training center.

In our extensive experience, employees requesting leave to donate stem cells are usually greeted with very positive reactions at work. Peripheral stem cell collection normally requires 3 days off - a day before the donation, the day of donation, and a day after the donation. If you need more leave or sick time, the collection center physician will issue you with a sick note.

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