Prepare to donate

Preliminary health check and consent to donation

Before you donate, we carry out another very thorough health check to make sure you are in strong enough health to make a stem cell donation. If there are no medical reasons or concerns to prevent you, you will be admitted as a blood stem cell donor.

Your health is always our top priority!

The preliminary health check takes place about two to four weeks before the donation. The donor first meets the CC physician and then goes through the lab and diagnostic tests. The preliminary health check includes your medical history, a physical examination, blood tests and diagnostic studies such as chest X-ray, ECG and ultrasound abdomen.

A detailed consultation with a doctor at the collection clinic will familiarize you with all the medical requirements, the procedure, and possible side effects of a stem cell donation. It will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions that may be on your mind as you prepare to take this major step.

When you feel well-informed and safe, we will ask you for your consent to donate. The collection center physician will go through your medical history during this time and a basic physical exam is performed.

You will get your blood tests done and diagnostic studies such as ECG, ultrasound abdomen, and a chest x-ray as a part of the health check.

Tip: Before your preliminary health check, have a good breakfast if you can, and make sure you drink plenty of fluids!

Please bring your ID card with you.

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