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As Praveen & Rekha celebrated the arrival of their baby boy into the world, they were soon devastated to find out that their precious baby Vijayendra, is one of the 14 people in the world to be diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic disorder called BENTA disease.

Help give Vijayendra a chance at a longer life!

Unfortunately, he is the first to be diagnosed with this disorder at such a young age. Due to the minimal therapeutic intervention available for BENTA disease, the treatment given to Vijayendra is experimental, and based on his reactions to previous treatments.

Currently, he is being treated under Dr. Sagar Bhattad, at Aster CMI hospital, in Bangalore. The BENTA disease targets the immune system of the body, so, the doctors suggested a Blood stem cell transplant, as it could be the only chance at survival for 7-month-old Vijayendra.

Time is ticking for Vijayendra!

Vijayendra has his entire life ahead of him, but he may not survive unless he is treated immediately. His parents and 3-year-old brother are completely helpless, but YOU could change that! By registering to be a potential stem cell donor, you could possibly give Vijayendra the chance to grow up and live a full life.

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How can we beat blood cancer together?

DKMS-BMST has been working to find the right donor for patients suffering from blood cancer and blood disorders in India. So far, we have facilitated 50 blood stem cell donations. For a stem cell donation, the tissue characteristics of the donor must match those of the patient. When you join the stem cell registry you are on standby to be matched and potentially save the life of anyone with a blood cancer or blood disorder who needs a blood stem cell donation. You can be the right person and with your stem cell donation a real lifesaver.

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