With your help Anant can dream of becoming a doctor!

Anant’s world came crashing down when he received the news of being diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. Aplastic Anemia is a disease where the body is not able to produce healthy blood cells. A stem cell transplant is the only hope for survival.

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Time is running out for Anant!

At 20 your life is just beginning! It comes with new responsibilities, you’re a little older and seen as a little wiser. Imagine being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease instead of planning your whole life?

Anant says, “Life has changed drastically for me since the diagnosis, my health has slowed me down, but I want to overcome it, study more and become a doctor someday. I am prepared with a checklist of ‘must do things’ that I aim to accomplish in my life. This virtual drive has given me a new hope that I might find my matching donor soon. My parents have taught me to be kind and help anyone who is in need. Today, I seek your help.”

Unfortunately, his younger brother and mother are only a 4/10 match for him, which means he urgently needs to find an unrelated matching donor to be able to live a long and healthy life. He has undergone the Anti-Thymocyte Globulin process which is a temporary treatment.

Anant’s mother who is devastated seeing her son going through so much pain says “Anant has always been an ambitious and focused boy; he is the charm of our family. There is a lack of awareness among people on blood stem cell donation and hence there aren’t many registered potential donors. None of my family members are perfect HLA-match for Anant, so, our only option is to find an unrelated donor.”

Anant’s dreams of studying medicine and becoming a doctor seem bleak now as he is running out of time. A few minutes of your time could give Anant a fighting chance for a lifetime.

Could you be the genetic match for Anant or someone else in need?

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How we can beat blood cancer together

DKMS-BMST has been working to find the right donor for patients suffering from blood cancer and blood disorders in India. So far, we have facilitated 32 blood stem cell donations. For a stem cell donation, the tissue characteristics of the donor must match those of the patient. When you join the stem cell registry you are on standby to be matched and potentially save the life of anyone with a blood cancer or blood disorder who needs a blood stem cell donation. You can be the right person and with your stem cell donation a real lifesaver.

Our videos answer the most important questions about registration and stem cell donation. Learn how you can register with DKMS-BMST and become a lifesaver.

DKMS-BMST donor's stem cell donation experience

How does blood stem cell donation work?

Good to know...

For many people with a blood cancer or blood disorder, a donation from a matching blood stem cell donor is their best chance of survival.

With blood stem cell donation, only blood stem cells are donated, not blood and matches are determined by tissue type, not blood group.

Your blood stem cells will completely replenish themselves within 1-2 days of the collection.

Many people in India can't find a suitable matching donor, as the Indian donors are underrepresented in the worldwide database.

Your blood stem cells will never be stored, they last for around 72 hours and are delivered straight to the person in need by a special courier.

You will stay on the registry until your 61st birthday!

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We’d love it if you could help us to get more people on the register so that everyone who needs a blood stem cell donor can find their match.