"Volunteering to create a more hopeful world!" - Nimeshika, Volunteer

2 November 2016

A few years ago, I lost my aunt to Leukemia. The feeling of losing a close person is disheartening. This made me register as a potential stem cell donor with DKMS-BMST in October 2016.

Knowing that India is in dire need of awareness of this cause

volunteering became the next step to creating a more hopeful world.

Volunteering, to me, was not only about helping DKMS-BMST but learning a great deal in the process. I realized that educating people about Blood Stem Cell Donation by simply talking to them, providing clarity on the subject, is so well received that it makes everyday's work seem more fulfilling than the last. Volunteering with DKMS-BMST helped me understand the intricacies of the different departments, the hardships as well as the absolute dedication that is required to make this cause a successful one.

I've enjoyed every moment of this period and I strongly encourage anybody with the heart and time to volunteer at DKMS-BMST!