“I feel so special to have donated my blood stem cells to give a second chance at life to another human being” - Srinivas, Donor

30 October 2017

I registered as a potential stem cell donor at a company drive, without giving it much thought. More than a year later, when I was informed that I was a match, I first did a thorough research on the internet that it was safe for me and at no risk to my health, before agreeing to donate.

The additional information that this was the last chance for the patient to survive convinced me to go ahead.

The standard thorough medical check-up and doctor’s clearance procedure before the donation process further gave me confidence of the safety in stem cell donation. After that there was no looking back.

There are some things in the world which cannot be created with technology, and stem cells is one such example. I wholeheartedly support the registry to counsel other matched donors to understand how easy and risk-free it is to donate blood stem cells and save a precious life!